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October 2013 Meeting Report

Rosemary Horrox on The Huddlestons up to the Sawston Hall Era

Before Rosemary began her talk she handed out a simplified Huddleston pedigree c.1450‑1520.  She went on to explain the complicated family of this mediaeval titled family and their marriages into families with an equally complex background.

Sir John Huddleston (I) of Millom died in 1492.  He had several children including three sons, Richard, John (II) and William.  Millom is situated on the estuary of the River Duddon in Cumbria.

Richard, the eldest, married Margaret daughter of Richard, Earl of Warwick.  They had a son also named Richard and two daughters by the marriage.  The younger Richard married Elizabeth Dacre (or Docre) and had no children.  On the younger Richard’s death in 1485 the Lordship of Millom passed to his uncle John Huddleston, who was William’s son.

John (II) married Joan (Jane?) Stapleton, widow of Christopher Harcourt and their son was also named John.  He, John (III), not being the eldest son and therefore not entitled to inherit from his father, persuaded his mother to give him land she owned.  She was not happy about this and after her husband, John (II), died she made her own Will days before she passed away leaving her land and properties to her daughters from her first marriage.

William married Isabel, daughter of John Neville, Marquis Montagu and his marriage to Isabel Ingoldesthorpe.  On the death of John Neville his land was divided up between his daughters and Isabel got Sawston Hall.  It was this marriage which brought William Huddleston to Sawston.  They had a son, also named John.

Rosemary Horrox is a medieval historian and gave a fascinating talk explaining the complexities of these noble families and their involvement in the Wars of the Roses.

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