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The Sawston Village History Society normally meets on the second Thursday of every month (see diary for upcoming meetings). There's a wide range of speakers and subjects related to the history of Sawston and Cambridgeshire. Interested?

The SVHS committee met on 19 August and decided to finally resume the Society's monthly meetings, beginning in October. For at least the remainder of 2021, meetings will be at the Sawston Free Church, High Street.

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SVHS notices:
The History Society Archive has been moved to the Challis House, 68 High Street, Sawston. At time of writing it remains closed; please see the Challis Trust website for more up to date information.

An archive of former notices is available.

Latest Meeting Reports
Chairman's Report 2021

This is my sixteenth annual report, but it is again written in very different circumstances from its predecessors. We have not been able to hold any meetings since my last report but are now hopeful that we can resume in October The Committee has seen a few changes. Rob Richmond joined the Committee last year. Eric Jacobs has resigned from the Committee and David Bard has agreed to join it so we remain at nine members. Rob has agreed to become treasurer in Ericís place and all other officials and members have agreed to serve another term.

Eric has been treasurer since the Society was set up in 1991 and has done a tremendous job in keeping the books so capably. He has also looked after the opening and closing of the Chapelfield Way room and overseen the raffle and arrangements for refreshments. It is a measure of the size of his contribution that several committee members need to share out his roles among them. So we are very grateful to him for all he has done.

The Committee met in late August and decided that a separate AGM was not necessary as the reports and accounts can be accepted in a briefly held AGM before our October meeting. The programme has been rearranged several times but is now, we hope, in its final form and copies will be distributed to members. The Committee decided that subscriptions will remain unchanged at £7 a year and will cover the period up to July 2022. Those who paid in March 2020 will not be asked to pay anything further until September 2022.

Our web site has been kept up to date by Anita and Adrian to whom we are very grateful. The web site remains in need of some refreshment and we hope to deal with this in the coming year. A number of enquiries continue to come to the Society through the website.

We were saddened by the death of Andrew Little, a faithful committee member and archivist, who had been in poor health recently, but who had contributed fully to the work of the Society when he was able to. Some members of the committee attended his funeral.

We send our congratulations to two members, Pearl Mann and Ivan Start, who celebrated their ninetieth birthdays last year and to Kevin and Chris Swann who recently reached their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

The Challis Archive and Museum has remained closed, but cataloguing work has proceeded and donations have continued to come in. Anyone wishing to consult the archive is welcome to make an appointment on a Tuesday morning and it is hoped that volunteers can resume work eventually.

The Committee is aware that some members may be reluctant to come to meetings in the immediate future and so is exploring the possibility of meeting in more commodious surroundings, where some distancing can be maintained. We very much hope that we can resume our programme and that we shall have the support of the membership.

Mary Dicken - Chairman

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